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Cover pencils by Duncan Rouleau, inks by Troy Hubbs. “H”, script by Steve Seagle, pencils by Duncan Rouleau, inks by Troy Hubbs, Rob Hunter, and Aaron Sowd; Alpha Flight arrives from the microverse into a lab under attack by the Zodiac. Mac leads the team rashly into battle, causing Murmur to get badly wounded; They make a retreat in order to regroup and get separated; The team learns that the Zodiac are after the Nth Projector from the lab (last seen in Marvel Two-in-One issue #58); The Zodiac escape but not after Sasquatch is killed and General Clarke dies trying to contain the building’s nuclear reactor; Heather’s suit contains most of the heat from the reactor but, when a part fails, she must remove it before her suit fries with her in it.