Product Description

Angel Love is a whimsical, funny, real look at the trials and troubles of a young woman artist struggling to make it in the big city. A sophisticated ‘Archie for the 80’s,’ Angel Love deals with contemporary issues such as drugs, abortion and relationships. Now for a glimpse into this ‘hot’ new maxi-series: Angel’s first love is art and you can catch her practically any day of the week on a Central Park bench with sketch book in hand and roller skates on foot. But like most aspiring artists, Angel must supplement her income, and so she waitresses. Three nights a week, she skates around the ‘Balloon’ restaurant – a trendy, yuppie, ‘beautiful people’ hang-out. And when Angel’s not working…? Well, there’s lots to occupy her – like trying to help her roommate Wendy ‘cope’ with the trauma of cockroaches, or trying to deal with her new boyfriend’s ‘problem,’ or trying to find that romantic nirvana where you’re neither the ‘dumpee’ nor the ‘dumpor.’ Angel Love, a special eight-issue limited series, is written and illustrated by Barbara Slate, creator of Ms. Liz, greeting card character supreme. Slate has been developing Angel Love for over two years, finding the perfect blend of humor, whimsy and fantasy in real-life situations that brings out the hero in us all!