Product Description

by Easton, Thomas, Stull, & Walker In a dark future where political and social forces threaten to rip the world asunder, the hunt is on for a collection of mystically powered scrolls known only as Arkanium. The legend of the Arkanium scrolls suggests that whomever unlocks its secrets will attain psychic and physical perfection, converting the bearer into the dominant life force on Earth. Rowan ? an American weapons designer and part-time mercenary ? is drawn to Shing, a proud spiritual statesman who works within the newly formed Buddhist government of China. What draws them together is Moukie, the nefarious leader of the unspeakable evil, the Children of the Damned. Rowan and Shing must now discover the link the binds them, what it means, and why they must stop Moukie and the Children of the Damned from unlocking the power of the scrolls. Created by Pat Lee. Features a triple-gate cover by LeSean Thomas!