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Written by Rich Johnston. Featuring: Valiant’s expansion; Tyson Hesse runs Diesel; Dave Stewart’s great experiment; Wild’s End returns; Matt Kindt’s under new MGMT; Joshua Williamson does it all; Chris Ryall launches String Divers; Cosplay saves comics; being Grumpy Cat; and Dean Haspiel’s complicated comix affair. Stand out titles with an ‘indie’ status in style and sensibility are giving the Big Two a run for their money right now. These are the comics that take risks in subject matter and visual storytelling techniques, but where does this innovation come from? Much of it comes from the field of ‘creator-owned’ comics, gaining increasing momentum. This issue of BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE will crack the code on what it means to be ‘indie’ in comics in 2015, and how great minds are impacting the direction of comics. RICH JOHNSTON will track the rise of independent creators and examine the most influential titles right now, and we’ll delve into the most cutting- edge indie-flavored comics from major publishers this year. We’ll also look at what it currently means to be independent in filmmaking and video game creation and you’ll find included our Price Guide on creator-owned and independent comic titles rocking the collectors’ market. Now appearing at 128 pages on a bi-monthly release schedule, BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE delivers industry insights and enlightening interviews with creators only to be found in our print edition.