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COVER BY DAVID FINCH CHUCK AUSTEN (W)/DAVID FINCH (P)/ART THIBERT (I) ? THE SCOOP: Marvel’s big launch of 2002 begins! When tragedy strikes, who will answer THE CALL? Plus: In addition to an all-new 23-page story, this issue also features the 25-page serial that ran in the May Marvel titles! That’s 48 pages of action for only $2.99! ? THE STORY: Meet James MacDonald, a lieutenant fireman in Brooklyn, stationed right across the bridge from where the Twin Towers used to stand. MacDonald knows that, even with super heroes flying overhead, someone has to put out fires and respond to everyday emergencies. With modern-day gods making headlines, ordinary people must still put their life on the line for others. But what happens to these heroic individuals when that other world, the world of superpowered, supernatural beings touches the lives of these brave citizens? What happens when MacDonald must confront forces beyond his normal experience? Find out when all-new heroes step forward to answer THE CALL! ? THE CREATORS: Written by Chuck Austen (ULTIMATE X-MEN, U.S. WAR MACHINE) and illustrated by David Finch (WOLVERINE)!