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Todd McFarlane Productions (W) Rick Veitch (A) Joel Thomas, Cover by Joel Thomas One of the most popular characters from the world of Spawn gets his own full-color, monthly comic book! Cy-Gor, who first appeared in Spawn #38, gets a complete overhaul by the master of the comic book horror story, Rick Veitch. Part animal, part man, part weapon, Cy-Gor is all monster; the ultimate pariah, a freakish out-of-control behemoth and one of the most dangerous creatures alive. When Cy-Gor escapes from the super top-secret government agency known as Project Sim, all Hell breaks loose. This issue also introduces the book’s continuing cast which includes a Romanian Gypsy girl named Fatima, whose performing monkey Gregor seems to have a special bond with Cy-Gor; and Frankie and Zevon, the amoral Project Sim agents that are charged with tracking down their out-of- control experiment. Newcomer Joel Thomas provides the art in a style that perfectly captures the urban horror of Rick Veith’s script!