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cover by joe quesada & jae lee joe casey/leonardo manco ? THE SCOOP: From the X-Mens explosive Rage Against The Machine crossover comes the first M-Tech title?starring the ultimate fighting machine! ? THE STORY: He is Deathlok, a ultra-advanced cyborg created by a shadow cabinet within the super-spy organization known as S.H.I.E.L.D. Now, the prototype of a secret bio-weaponization project has broken free! Worse, due to a bizarre mix-up, his consciousness resides inside Billy Bailey?a six-year-old boy?as his bionic body rampages across America! Can our hero (who, you will discover, is someone you may already know) marshal his military experience and stop his deadly body and reunite it with its original psyche? And can he accomplish this impossible task while avoiding the clutches of the S.H.I.E.L.D. task force who know his strengths and weaknesses?and are sent to terminate him?! Part Fugitive, part Blade Runner, this is a pedal-to-the-metal adventure saga in the Mighty Marvel Manner! ? THE CREATORS: The sci-fi soldier comes your way by the team of red-hot writer Joe Casey (CABLE, X-MEN: CHILDREN OF THE ATOM) and the amazing Leonardo Manco, whose richly detailed pencils wowed fans with his recent work in THUNDERBOLTS #26 and AVENGERS 1999. And did we mention that the cover is by the Marvel Knights team of Joe Quesada and Jae Lee?!