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“Bad to the Bone!” Written by Howard Mackie. Art by Ron Wagner, Vince Evans, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Mark Texeira. In simultaneous raids, Ghost Rider interrupts a warehouse heist by Snowblind’s men, and badly no takes down a motorcycle gang. Later that night, Capt. Dolan lectures Badilino about following protocol, but Badilino brushes it off. While waiting to pick up Stacey outside the police station, Dan is assaulted by two muggers, but Badilino appears and arrests the muggers, using excessive force. When Badilino’s tasks force puts the squeeze on the city’s criminal element, Snowblind complains to Deathwatch. Deathwatch instructs Linda Wei to eliminate Snowblind, so she “mistakenly” shows film of Snowblind in his warehouse during her newscast. Watching at home, Dan recognizes the warehouse and runs out to confront Snowblind. Meanwhile, Badilino’s task force also sees the report, and heads for the warehouse. Ghost Rider breaks into the warehouse, but Snowblind projects his white field, blinding Ghost Rider. When Snowblind threatens to kill his own secretary, Ghost Rider slings his chain at Snowblind’s voice, canceling the white field. Knowing his penance stare won’t work on the blind villain, Ghost Rider punishes him by beating him. When Badilino arrives, Ghost Rider leaves, still seeking Deathwatch. Unwilling to let Snowblind walk free, Badilino shoots him.