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“Chasing Shadows”  Part 2 of 4.  Guest-starring Spider-Man.  Script by Howard Mackie.  Pencils by Adam Kubert.  Inks by Bill Reinhold.  Cover by Adam Kubert.  Story continues from Web of Spider-Man 95. The rip-roaring battle among a host of heroes and villains continues below the streets! In the dampness and darkness of the New York sewer system, the swarming Deathspawn gain the upper hand! And carry away the web-slinger, Hobgoblin, Demogoblin, doppelganger, and parish priest! Thus leaving Johnny Blaze, Ghost Rider, and Venom to figure out where the Deathspawn have taken their prey! However, the three anti-heroes are not overly interested in working together! But as the old expression goes…the enemy of my enemy is my friend…and so forth! Can the new trio of teammates find the amazing one and the goblins before it’s too late? Story continues in Web of Spider-Man 96. Cameo appearances by Hag, Troll, and Deathwatch.