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A shocking final issue guest-starring Superman! On the unspoiled planet Earth in the 853rd century lives a band of forest-dwellers known as the Green Arrows. Descendants of Oliver Queen, Connor Hawke, Dinah Lance and Roy Harper, they live a tranquil existence, at least until their realm is invaded by Groddchild and his followers, a race of cyborg apes. Bullying the youngest of the Green Arrows into helping them invade Superman’s Fortress of Solitude, will the creatures succeed in taking over the mind of the present-day Superman with the Green Arrows’ greatest weapon, the “consciousness arrow”? Meanwhile, in the present, Connor Hawke learns some shocking news about Oliver Queen’s death…news that will have a profound effect on his future in the months ahead. Written by Chuck Dixon. Art by Frank Teran and John Stanisci. Cover by Rodolfo Damaggio and Robert Campanella.