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Girl looking in locker with dead rat. by Peter David & Nat Jones Is the fatality level at Sunnydale High too much for you? Your local Prom Queen just got pig’s blood dumped on her and now might be a good time to transfer? Welcome to Hamilton High, a haven of safety and normalcy, where local brains, jocks, freaks, and geeks mingle with only the usual teen angst. At least, that’s what a cheerleader, a jock, a butch enforcer, and the school tramp all thought until they discovered the common terrifying bond and mysterious powers that targeted them as “The Haunted.” With powers they don’t understand, a mysterious organization out to harness their budding arcane abilities, and their only salvation lying with the creepiest kid in school, these teen lost souls find themselves the only things standing between all manner of occult terror and a student body that could wind up one large dead student body. If you think your high school was bad ?? think again! Ships with a variant cover by Nat Jones.!