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Joe Casey/Charlie Adlard ? THE SCOOP: How do super-villains interact when there are no heroes to oppose them? Find out in a moody crime noir tale. ? THE STORY: Enter the new Chicago… a city that has responded to the tumultuous world around it by letting the criminals run the show. Chicago is their town. But it’s not enough. In a tale of back-stabbing ambition and darkly comedic twists and turns, the Black Knight and his criminal cadre set plans into motion that will ensure them a prominent position in the new world order alongside its “savior,” Doctor Doom. Can this small cast of crooks, lowlifes and con-men truly become masters of evil? ? THE CREATORS: By Joe Casey (X-MEN: CHILDREN OF THE ATOM) and Charlie Adlard (X-MEN: HELLFIRE CLUB, X-Files). Cover by Charlie Adlard.