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Joe Kelly/Ethan Van Sciver ? THE SCOOP: What happens when all of your world’s heroes just pick up and leave your “Pocket Universe?” Simple… you make new ones. But what if no one’s around to teach them the job? Simple…you get Remnants. ? THE STORY: Part comedy, part crazy action, REMNANTS follows the adventures of a handful of novice heroes trying to get by in a world that berates and jeers at them. Led by the punctual (and pint-sized) Mant, the Remnants reflect the best and the weirdest that the Heroes Reborn universe has to offer: The noble but knee-high Panther Cub, the innocent yet buxom Super-Maxi Big Girl, the ignoble cosmic gnome Sterling, and the savagely hypersensitive Miss Thing. Our ragtag team of leftovers must make a name for themselves against a villain so dangerous, so diabolical, that his name can only be whispered… Well, that’s not entirely true, but he is their mentor gone wrong, and his singing voice really reeeally stinks. His super-secret identity is just one of the many surprises you’ll find crammed within the pages of a book built on the premise that nothing is sacred… especially not itself! ? THE CREATORS: By Joe Kelly and Ethan Van Sciver (Impulse). Cover by Ethan Van Sciver