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Fabian Nicieza/Mark Bagley/Al Vey ? THE SCOOP: Make way for the Young Allies, rebels barely old enough to remember the way things used to be?but willing to fight for the way they think things should be! ? THE STORY: Welcome to the New America. A land where democracy has been left as roadkill by a ten ton truck called Anarchy. Laws? Who needs `em when might makes right! Justice? Dispensed from the barrel of a gun or under a jackbooted heel! Morality? Why pray?better to live on your feet than die on your knees! Freedom? Means the right to kill or be killed! Bummer. But here comes our last hope: Bucky, Toro, I.Q., Kid Colt and The RIP. A bunch of kids? An alliance of teenagers who follow the lead of a young girl once taught by the symbol of freedom itself? Brought together by e- mail? Using terrorist tactics to strike fast under the shroud of secrecy? Funded by money stolen from their enemies? Yeah, these are your heroes… and they plan on saving the planet?one convert at a time?or die trying. The Young Allies: give peace a chance…or get ready to pick up the pieces! ? THE CREATORS: By Fabian Nicieza (GAMBIT), Mark Bagley (THUNDERBOLTS) and Al Vey (AVENGERS). Cover by Mark Bagley & Al Vey.