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Assault on New Olympus: Part 2 of 4 – Written by GREG PAK, FRED VAN LENTE and JEFF PARKER. Art by RODNEY BUCHEMI, REILLY BROWN and GABRIEL HARDMAN. Cover by MICHAEL BIEREK. And PARKER and HARDMAN handle the creative chores on the Agents of Atlas backup tale! Hercules leads the New and Mighty Avengers against the overwhelming forces of Hera’s New Olympus — but these are no ordinary foes our heroes face, but the gods themselves! Can the superpredator Wolverine outfox an immortal Huntsman? Can Spider-Man out-webspin the divine Arachne? Can Henry Pym outgrow the giant Argus? And with his love Delphyne Gorgon prepared to slay his mentor Athena, Amadeus Cho must make a final, fateful choice!