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It’s Part 1 of ‘The ‘Return of the Defenders’ as Hulk, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer (cameo) and Namor headline the Annual in “Four on the Floor.” Part 1 of 4, continued in Namor the Sub-Mariner Annual (1991) #2. Script by Peter David, art by Kevin Maguire, Brad Vancata & Joe Rubinstein. Plus: Hulk and the Thing in “Mano A Mano” by Peter David, Travis Charest & Dan Green; “Things to Come” by Evan Skolnick, Gary Barker & James Palmiotti; “Nobody Loves the Hulk” by Tom Brevoort, Mike Kanterovich, Karl Alstaetter & Fred Fredericks; “The Running Man” by James Robinson, Joe Phillips & Tony Harris. Cover by Maguire & Rubinstein.