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MC2 Brings On The Bad Guys: enter Buffer Zone, Enthralla and the Uncanny X-People! In the first tale, Zane learns that Miller Hallandale, his high school nemesis, is claiming to be a close friend of J2…and sets out to teach this bully a lesson! Unfortunately, our hero doesn’t plan for the unexpected appearance of Buffer Zone–a brand-new super villain who can’t be harmed! Then, J2 confronts his destiny when he is forced to battle the all-new Uncanny X-People! Does even J2 have enough power to survive the combined might of Jubilee, Angry Eagle, the bestial Simian, the stretchable Spanner and the turbulent Torque?! And who is Enthralla, and what is her hold over these mighty mutants? Written by Tom DeFalco. Art and covers by Ron Lim and Al Milgrom.