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80-Page Giant. Chronos ricochets through Earth’s long, eventful history and future in “Detour” by John Francis Moore, Paul Guinan & Danny Miki; the Spectre puts the soul of a survivor of the Titanic tragedy at rest in “The Depths of Despair” by Bill Mumy, Peter David, Steve Ditko & Kevin Nowlan; find out what made Rita Farr, the Doom Patrol’s Elasti-Girl, walk away from Hollywood in “Lights, Camera and Too Much Action” by James Robinson, Dave Gibbons & Sal Buscema; Hawkman and Hawkwoman’s fine feathered friends turn against them in “The Caged Bird” by Andrew Helfer & Bob McLeod; hitch a ride to Rann, with Earth’s first space hero Adam Strange, where things get really strange in “Puzzle of the Phantom Spaceman” by Steven Grant, Mike Zeck & James Pascoe; see what, why and who brought the Teen Titans together in spirit before their first ‘official’ adventure in “The Secret Origin of the Teen Titans” by Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Phil Jimenez & Romeo Tanghal; an untold tale of Rip Hunter’s quest to conquer time itself in “Falling in Line” by Dan Jurgens, Todd Nauck & Art Thibert. Cover by Joe Kubert.