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The Metal Men return…in a story that will shock new and regular DC readers alike. The SUPERMAN #75 creative team of Mike Carlin, Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding bring this action-packed 4-issue miniseries to life and answer some shocking questions that were first hinted at years ago in the pages of SUPERMAN. The adventure begins when a strange meteor crashes on Earth, and Doctor Will Magnus, creator of the Metal Men, reluctantly deploys his robotic creations to retrieve it. But another party is also interested in the meteor, and won’t hesitate to destroy the Metal Men to gain possession of it. In a devastating attack against Magnus Robotics, a secured chamber on Level 12 is forced open. What the Metal Men find inside shakes the team to the core, as secrets Magnus has long kept are revealed, and all that the Metal Men had previously understood about their origins is challenged. By this story’s end, those revelations will have forever altered the team. Written by Mike Carlin, with art and multicolored foil enhanced cover by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding.