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An Image Comic (W)Brian Holguin (P) Steve Firchow (I)Alp Altiner (Color)Frank D’Armata Hades? Elysium? Valalla? Tir Na N’Og? They are places beyond our senses, just out of reach during our waking hours, but on a storm-swept Halloween night, Derdre and Morand find themselves swept through the veils that normally separate these mythical “Otherworlds.” Who is the mysterious Lady in White that is leading Derdre on this strange quest, and what is the true nature of the worlds beyond ours? A mysterious storyteller called True Thomas offers some answers, but the truth is greater than Derdre ever imagined. NOTE: Ships with a 50/50 painted alternate by series artist Steve Firchow, featuring the beautiful Derdre.