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1 in 5 Crayon Butchery Variant Cover; b&w interior (This entire issue can be colored). Written by Warren Ellis Pencils & Cover by Stuart Immonen ‘The joy h.a.t.e. club’ It has been proven: NEXTWAVE is better than soap! NEXTWAVE has super heroes. Soap doesn’t. NEXTWAVE has Dirk Anger and his evil organization H.A.T.E.. Soap? Nope. NEXTWAVE has a battle between H.A.T.E. and Nextwave in #4. Soap is only at #2 with no H.A.T.E. at all! NEXTWAVE has all of your family members held ransom. Soap doesn’t even know your family. Four out of five dentists prefer Nextwave to soap. In fact, they were so emphatic in their preference, they beat up the fifth dentist and he fell in line. So five out of five dentists prefer NEXTWAVE. So will you! Part 1 (of 2)!