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over by Chris Sprouse. Written by Scott Beatty Art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story. Following on the heels of WildStorm: Armageddon and Revelations, writer Scott Beatty (BATGIRL: YEAR ONE) and artists Chris Sprouse & Karl Story (Tom Strong, Midnighter) bring a harrowing creative vision to the WildStorm Universe…and when they’re done with it – will anything be left standing? The Paladins, WildStorm’s seminal superhuman heroes, find their days start like any other – capturing archcriminals, thwarting alien invaders, and helping little old ladies navigate crosstown traffic – all before coffee at their favorite diner. But when events in The City begin to escalate in strange, deadly directions, all signs and omens point to the end of days. The Apocalypse has begun! But how could the WildStorm Universe stand on the brink of Armageddon? Why aren’t the all-seeing Authority watching over things? Where is mighty Majestic to save the day? Wouldn’t the Wildcats put an end to any final conflict before it even began? And how does a long-forgotten face from WildStorm’s troubled past hold all the answers to preventing a nightmarish future of Biblical proportions?