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by Bedard, Moline & Dell, & Bell Beware! CrossGen’s new horror adventure title is on the loose! Dark deeds are afoot at Welkin State University, where young Cassie Starkweather’s best friend is killed in a horrible accident. Cassie’s grief turns to terror when her friend’s ghost appears, pursued by fearsome spirits bent on dragging innocent souls back to their own hellish realm. But is this truly a supernatural invasion that clairvoyant Cassie has uncovered? Or is it just a twisted, paranoid vision brought on by Cassie’s own insidious madness? Psychological mysteries and paranormal perils combine in this unsettling new series played out against a stylish Cold War era setting. Hot penciler Karl Moline (Joss Whedon’s Fray), superstar inker John Dell (Mystic) and master colorist Nick Bell join writer Tony Bedard (Mystic, Negation) on a creepy cruise down the turnpike of terror! Hop in and hold on tight!