Product Description

By Will Dixon/ Four issue bi-monthly finite series In stores the week of June 25th The Concept: In order to achieve his ultimate goal of enlightenment, a young samurai is forced to face his four inner demons, each of whom repersent a different piece of his soul. With each new discovery bringing more agony that bliss, he realizes that sometimes knowledge of the self can come at a high price when you are your own worst enemy. This Issue: Shinzu’s quest for self discovery takes a sudden turn when he encounters a longtime friend. Their brief exchange makes a profound effect on Shinzu, and as he departs, he is left with an unsettling insight into the nature of his doubt. His problems compound when an unlikely discovery brings him face to face with his fear manifest, and he finds himself in for the fight of his life. Soon Shinzu realizes that his journey is more perilous to both body and soul than he ever imagined.