Product Description

Stories by Steve Peters. Art by Steve Peters, plus guest panels and pages by Eric Wilmoth, Daniel Sponton, E.J. Barnes, Tony Consiglio, Tim Kelly, Mike Dawson, Jason B. Thompson, David Mazure, Alex Robinson, Doug Slack, Pam Bliss, Wally Crane, Suzanne Baumann, Matt Feazell, Rachel Hartman, Carla Speed McNeil, Jeff Parker, Jamar Nicholas, Becky Cloonan, Mike Manley, Bob Corby, Justin Madison, Batton Lash, Geoff Grogan, Kel M. Crum, Michangelo Cicerone, Erik Hodson, Paul E. Schultz, B. Wilkison, Max Ink, Jimmy Gownley, and Jeff Nicholson. Cover by Steve Peters. Peters presents multiple love stories, in the tradition of Origin of Sparky, all done as jam stories featuring a whos who of indie cartoonists.