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Dark background cover. Cover pencils by Clarence Lansang, inks by Vicor Llamas. Untitled Darkness story, script by Malachy Coney, pencils by Clarence Lansang, inks by Victor Llamas, Jason Gorder, and John Livesay; The gypsy Michaelangelo Estacado tells Cervants and Sancho Pansa his sad history and how his mother was burned to death by the Inquisition; Once the young man takes his leave of the barn, the Inquisition comes looking for him and Cervantes is confronted by the dark priest Sonatine; When Estacado witnesses the Inquisition burning more heretics on crosses, he manifests the Darkness and attacks Sonatine and his men; Falling unconscious after his efforts, Estacado is once again taken in by the gypsies.