Product Description

Written by Antony Johnston. Art by Mike Hawthorne. Cover by J. Bone. Jack loves his wheeling-and-dealing job as an ad exec. Jack also loves rock-and-roll — especially the band Q.E.D. Thirdly, Jack loves Jill. And Jill loves her job at the modern art gallery. She loves the unique visions. Most of all, Jill loves Jack. But love isn’t always easy and things have been off between the couple for a while. Fortunately, Jack has the perfect solution! He’s planning the holiday of Jill’s dreams — Paris over Valentine’s Day, with passes to an invite-only gallery showing of a French Modernist painter. Jill knows nothing about this holiday — it will be a complete surprise. And Jack will be surprised that Jill’s been busy, too. She’s booked them both a secret trip to London with tickets to an ultra-exclusive Q.E.D concert. Of course, as luck would have it, both trips are scheduled to start the same night! Written by the award-winning writer of Frightening Curves, Antony Johnston, and illustrated by newcomer Mike Hawthorne (Grendel: Red, White, & Black), Three Days in Europe is a hilarious romp over three days, two continents, and one tumultuous relationship! Features a cover by Mutant, Texas artist J. Bone.