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Alex Ross Painted Cover. How Tom Strong Got Started, script by Alan Moore, art by Chris Sprouse and Al Gordon; While his sky car is attacked by Blimp Bandits and saved by Tom Strong, Timmy Turbo reads about how Tom Strong got started; The origin: Scientist Sinclair Strong and his wife are marooned on Attabar Teru, where they build Pneuman and have a child, Tom, raising him following a scientific protocol; Tom’s parents die when he is 11 and he is raised by the Ozu; He eventually grows up, defeats Paul Saveen, marries Chief Omotu’s daughter Dhalua, gives intelligence to King Solomon, and has a daughter, Tesla. Born With the Century: Tom Strong and His City text story, script by Alan Moore, art by Chris Sprouse; A brief history of Millennium City and Tom Strong.