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WRITTEN BY ALAN MOORE; ART BY KEVIN NOWLAN, RICK VEITCH, JIM BAIKIE, AND MELINDA GEBBIE; COVER BY BAIKIE In stores November 17. Installments of all four TOMORROW STORIES features, each written by Alan Moore! Beneath a madly satirical cover from Jim Baikie is another four-decker farrago of fun, fear, and fantasy! Greyshirt crosses the fated path of a time-traveling transgressor in “Tempus, Fugitive!”; and First American finds himself accused of scandal, sleaze and much worse in “The Bitter Crumbs of Defeat.” Meanwhile, over in Queerwater Creek, Jack B. Quick continues his one-boy war against the laws of basic common sense; and in Indigo City, we peruse the pediatric perambulations of “Li’l Cobweb.”