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WRITTEN BY ALAN MOORE; ART BY HILARY BARTA, RICK VEITCH, JIM BAIKIE, AND MELINDA GEBBIE; COVER BY VEITCH In stores January 26. The debut of an exciting new character from the imagination of Alan Moore! He’s back! The hot blot, the main stain, the splatter with the patter, the leak of the week! Who is he? Why, he’s Splash Brannigan, the indelible avenger making his debut in TOMORROW STORIES #6, the signature anthology title from the Alan Moore-written AMERICA’S BEST COMICS! Joining such TOMORROW mainstays as Greyshirt, the Cobweb and First American, Splash Brannigan takes the place of the vacationing “Jack B. Quick” feature, giving Moore and artist Kevin Nowlan a chance to recover from twisting the laws of science. This pigment of Alan Moore’s imagination is illustrated by Hilary Barta (Stupid!, SUPERMAN: THE DARK SIDE), beginning with Splash’s origin tale. When comic-book artist Daisy Screensaver cracks off the cap of an ancient, oversized ink bottle, she accidentally unleashes the fun-loving (and unbearably lovable) Splash. What happens when this most unlikely comic-book hero comes alive within the offices of the world’s most unsuccessful comic-book publisher? Join Splash, Daisy, and the staff of Sydney J. Kaput’s Kaput Comics Ltd. for a tribute to all all things four-color in TOMORROW STORIES #6!