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Wrap around cover and all art by Frank Brunner. “Harvest of Horror>” 7 pages. Reprinted from Creepy (1964 magazine) #39. Story by Phil Seuling. An escaped prisoner runs into a scarecrow while evading the law. From there the story is given numerous endings, all ending horribly for the fugitive. “What Rough Beast?” 8 pages. Reprinted from Creepy (1964 magazine) #45. Story by Jan Strnad. In the future a woman is attacked by a nightmarish creature. She flees her husband when she finds she is pregnant. What will she do when the creature comes seeking its child? “The Comets Curse.” 6 pages. Reprinted from Eerie (1966 Warren magazine) #35. Story by Buddy Saunders. In ancient Rome, a sorcerer curses his captors with madness whenever a comet appears. The sorcerer has gained eternal life, but one of the centurions is willing to wait 2000 years for revenge. “Santas Claws.” 7 pages. Reprinted from Web of Horror (1969) #3. Story by Frank Brunner. A vampire terrorizes a small Romanian village. Will he finally meet his match when he encounters… Santa Claus?