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Cover and all art by Frank Brunner. “Sword of Dragonus.” 8 pages. Reprinted from Phase (1971 Fanzine) #1. Story by Frank Brunner. The swordsman Dragonus is employed by a king to steal a young girl from a rival. Battling foes physical and mystical, after all this effort the warrior may prefer to keep the girl for himself. “The Wizards Venom.” 10 pages. Reprinted from Star-Reach (1974) #3. Story by Frank Brunner. The warrior Dragonus accepts a mission from a cabal of wizards to retrieve a vial of dragon venom from a lost city. After battling a horrible creature to retrieve the vial, he finds that nothing is as it seems. “Werewolf Goes West.” 2 pages. Reprinted from Monster Times (1972) #24. Story by Nicola Cuti. A young boy asks for help with a werewolf terrorizing the family farm. Help in the form of a masked man who uses silver bullets and has an Indian partner! “Eye of Newt, Toe of Frog.” 7 pages. Reprinted from Vampirella (1969 magazine) #10. Story by Gerry Conway. A young housewife becomes obsessed with the occult, even though her husband ridicules it. As she gets deeply involved with it, she finds that maybe none of this has been her idea to begin with.