Product Description

Created by: Pat Lee and Adrian Tsang (W) Adrian Tsang (P) Pat Lee (I) Alvin Lee (C) Dreamwave Colors & Frozen Light Confused by his new found powers, Aalock journeys south towards the land of the dwarves in search of answers. Malagen however, has no intention of allowing Aalock to serve any other causes than that of his own. To that end Malagen sends the Vampire lord Vardemis to bring Aalock back pitting the two Vampire lords against each other in the most crucial battle of the Darklyte crusade to date! Meanwhile, the armies of the Eastern kingdoms regroup and prepare for a desperate all-out counter attack against the Dataran Horde in effort to save the lives of thousands of displaced refugees fleeing the front lines of battle. So sharpen your sword, don’t bother taking off your armor, and jump right back in as Dreamwave productions brings you WARLANDS #8.