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Standard cover. Cover pencils by Whilce Portacio, inks by Scott Williams. Untitled story, script by Whilce Portacio (Plot) and Brandon Choi (Plot, Script), pencils by Whilce Portacio, inks by Scott Williams; I.O. sends Team 7 to Transylvania to recover a dangerous biological weapon; Instead, they find the facility they are supposed to be invading already overrun with vampires and large tubes full of a golden liquid; One of the tubes is ruptured and completely coats Claymore; When the coating proves to be bulletproof and, as they are facing down an army of bloodsuckers, Dane decides to crack the rest of the tubes and turn his whole team golden; The team defeats the vampires but Craven double-crosses them, sending in gunships to wipe them out; Mother One betrays I.O. to save the team and joins.